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SMC Pressure Switches

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Brightly lit, LED displays are features of this range of pressure and vacuum switches allowing the current pressure reading to be displayed at all times. For simple and convenient adjustment the setting keys are built into the front panel. Depending on the product chosen, these high precision switches are suitable for various fluids and have either switch or analogue outputs.

ZSE Product features:

Product features:

  • Pressure range: vacuum, compound and positive pressure up to 150bar
  • Applicable fluids: Air and various liquids
  • 2-Colour display: display changes colour at set point
  • Integrity rating: Up to IP67
  • Port sizes: M5 to ¼” including One-touch and special application threads

ZSE Pressure Switches

Series ZSE/ISE40:

High Precision Pressure Switch. Outputs: two switches and one analogue. Pressure range: ZSE40: -101.3 to 10kPa, -100 to 100kPa. ISE40:-0.1 to 1.0MPa

Series ZSE/ISE50/60:

High Precision Pressure Switch. Outputs: two switch and one analogue. Pressure Range: ZSE50:-100 to 100kPa, ISE60: -0.1 to 1MPa

2-Colour Display Digital Pressure Switch

Series ZSE/ISE30:

High Precision 2-colour Display Pressure Switch. Outputs: 1 output (switch or analogue) Pressure range: ZSE30: -101 to 101kPa, ISE30: -0.1 to 1MPa

Series ZSE/ISE30A:

High Precision Two Colour Display Pressure Switch. Outputs: two switch outputs or one switch and one analogue. Pressure range: ZSE30A:-101 to 100kPa. ISE30A: -0.1 to 1.0MPa

Series ISE70/75/75H:

2-Colour Display Switch for Air and General Fluids. Outputs: one or two switch outputs. Pressure range: -0.1 to 15 MPa

Series ZSE/ISE80

2-Colour Display Pressure Switch for Air and General Fluids. Outputs: two switch and one analogue. Pressure range: ZSE80: -101 to 100kPa. ISE80: -0.1 to 2.0MPa

Series ZSE/ISE10:

Low profile thin body pressure switch. Pressure range -100kPa-1.0 mPa. Outputs: NPN, PNP or Analogue

Series ZSE/ISE40A

2 colour display high precision digital pressure switch. Pressure range is -0.105 to 105 kPa. Outputs: NPN, PNP or analogue


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