SMC Pneumatic Valves

Modern Plant Ltd are official stocking distributors for the full range of SMC pneumatic valves and controls and have a wide range of parts available from our Dublin stores; please contact the sales team at Modern Plant Ltd today to discuss your requirements and check availability.

SMC’s 3/2 valves can be both body ported and manifold based with a wide range of port sizes and flow rates. We offer an extremely wide selection of 5/2, 5/3 and 4/2 valves, with port sizes from M5 to 1” and integrated fittings of Ø4mm to Ø10mm.

Our VQC and SV series of valves not only provide 5/2 and 5/3 functionality but have the option of two dual 3/2 valves in one body which can operate independently and save space. Both series also allow for the easy addition and replacement of valves as each valve base is simply connected into the next to build up the manifold.

Additional accessories include a manifold mounted vacuum ejector, a double check module which allows a cylinder to stop at an intermediate position, while the manifold integrated regulator unit is designed to be integrated into each valve base, allowing the output pressure from each station to be individually regulated. SMC also provide ISO valves which conform to ISO standard 5599/I/II in ISO sizes 1-3, and a range of NAMUR valves, series VFN2000 & 3000.

SMC also offers ranges of 5/2 ATEX valves rated for categories 2 and 3. The 52-SY series provides a choice of either body ported or base mounted type valves. These valves can be supplied with an option of intrinsically safe barriers. While the 56-VQC and 56-SV series offer base mounted type valves with the choice of multiple connector and terminal block wiring connections.

Main Valve Product features:

  • ISO and NAMUR type valves available
  • Fast response times 4ms
  • Large flow 35,000l/min
  • Dual 3 port valves, 4 positioned available.
  • Long service life

Valves and Manifolds

SMC have developed the complete range of valves to meet all requirements for modern industry. Some examples of these are 5/2 and 3/2 valves both solenoid and air operated (high and low flow), high purity chemical valves and 2/3 port process valves. Our range of VQC and SV cassette type manifolds allow for easy addition of valve bases and are compatible with our serial interface products. Additional features also include relay outputs, vacuum ejector modules and double check modules. ISO and NAMUR standard valves are also available.

  • Serial interface compatible manifolds
  • ISO & NAMUR valves
  • Process valves port sizes:M5 – 2”
  • High purity chemical valves
  • Dual 3/2 valves

Solenoid Valves and Manifolds

SMC’s 3/2 valves can be both body ported and manifold based with a wide range of port sizes and flow rates (M5 -2”; 10 – 35,000l/min). Our V100 and S070 offer low flow rates with port sizes of M3 and M5 and, as they are direct acting, they can operate at vacuum pressure.

Manual & Mechanically Actuated Valves

SMC offers an extensive range of manually operated valves. Our small VHK finger valves are available in both 2 and 3 port with the choice between threaded ports (M5-1/2”) to built-in one-touch ports (Ø4mm-12mm). Also available are the VHS pressure relief 3 port valves with locking holes and our VH lever-hand valves, which provide 4/2 & 4/3 functionality and large flow rates (1/4”: 380l/min; 1”:10,000l/min).

Air Operated Valves

SMC's standard range of 3/2 and 5/2 air operated valves is available in port sizes ranging from M3 to 1 1/2". We also offer a range of specially designed high purity Fluoropolymer valves, which can withstand many harsh fluids and environments, in both single and double acting specifications.

Process Valves

SMC’s range of 2/3 port process valves is designed to operate with air, water, oil*, steam, vacuum and many other fluids with wide variety of body and valve materials such as stainless steel and FKM. Our direct acting VC valves are made for air, steam, water, heated water, and oil.

ATEX Valves

SMC provides a wide range of ATEX valves designed to operate in categories II and III environment. Available options are the 52-SY series (II 2G) which come as both stand alone or base mounted, 56-SV (II 3GD) and 56-VQC series (II 3GD), base mounted cassette type manifold valves, 55-VPA air operated valves designed for use in II 2GD and ISO standard valves for use in II 3GD sites. SMC’s EX250 and EX500 serial interface units are also available with ATEX certification (II 3GD) and with Profibus protocol.

Miscellaneous Valves

SMC offers logic valves such as the VR2110 timer valve which can provide ‘ON’ delay from 0.5 to 60 seconds. The VR1210/1220 shuttle valves may-be used on 'OR' circuits, self-hold circuits and interlock circuits and are available with threaded connection or one-touch integrated fittings.

Valve Accessories

SMC offers many different types of silencers from our basic sintered metal types,which come in port sizes M3 to 1/8", to our plastic body types which provide low back pressure and are available in port sizes ranging from 1/4" to 2". Other variations are with one-touch connections (6mm to 12mm) and a high noise reduction type silencer which provides over 40 dB noise reduction to keep noise level inside a plant below 85 dB(A). 

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For more information about SMC Pneumatic Valves please call us on 01 4614300 or email one of the sales team at or visit us at the trade counter on the Naas Road in Dublin.
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