SMC Flow Switches

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SMC Flow Meters - Digital Flow Switches

The advanced Digital Flow Switches and meters offered by SMC ensure high accuracy, precise control and easy reading of displayed flow rates. The Flow Switches are suited to air, water, de-ionised water and chemicals, and can measure flow rates as well as accumulative flow quantities. The outputs from these units include up to two switched outputs as well as analogue outputs in either volts or milli-amps, while some models have a colour changing display for quick and easy condition identification. Since the Digital Flow Switches measure across their entire flow range and not just at the set points like most mechanical switches, these Flow Switches can be used for system monitoring and failure prediction.

Product features

  • SMC flow switches feature applicable fluids: Air, water, de-ionised water and chemicals
  • Digital flow switches connection sizes: M5 to 2”
  • Flow switches come with a bright LED display, with 2-colour in certain models
  • Fluid temperatures in the SMC flow switches are up to 90?C in high temperature model
  • Flow switch rressure range: vacuum to 10bar

Flow Switches & Meters

Series PF2A
Digital Flow Switch for Air. Flow rate: 1 to 12000l/min

Series PF2W
Digital Flow Switch for Water. Flow rate: 0.5 to 100l/min ?

Series PF2D
Digital Flow Switch for Chemicals and De-ionised Water. Flow rate: 0.4 to 40l/min ?

Series PFM
Digital Flow Switch for Low Flow Accuracy. Flow rate: 0.2 to 100l/min ?

Series PFMV
Digital Flow Switch for Ultra Low Flow Accuracy. Flow rate: -3 to 3l/min ?

Series PF3W
Compact Flow Switch for Water. 3 Flow rates: 0.5 to 4l/min, 2-16l/min, 5-40l/min. Operating Temperature : 0-90 degress Celcius


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