Modern Plant Ltd are official distribution partners for the full range of SMC pneumatic and process control products and stock a wide array of fittings, tubing, cyclinders, solenoid valves and controls plus many additional items.

SMC’s range of 2/3 port process solenoid valves is designed to operate with air, water, oil*, steam, vacuum and many other fluids with wide variety of body and valve materials such as stainless steel and FKM.

Our direct acting VC valves are made for air, steam, water, heated water, and oil. While our VX range of valves is available in both 2 and 3 port options and can either be individually ported or manifold based and can operate with many different fluids. Available port sizes in VX series, range from 1/8” to 2”. A recent extension to the process valve family, we now have available the VXE energy saving process valve, which offers reduced power consumption.

Our high pressure range of VCH valves can operate as high as 5.0 MPa with port sizes ranging from ½” to 1” in both 2 and 3 port options while the VQ20/30 valves, offer fast response times of as little as 7ms (20ms for VQ30).

* Oil specifications does not include flammable oils such as petrol or diesel.

Product features:

  • SMC Solenoid valves come in a choice of brass and stainless steel bodies
  • Selection of seal material available NBR, FKN, EPDM, PTFE to suit your valve needs
  • Valves are suitable for air, water, hot water, steam, oil and vacuum
  • Solenoid valves have a fast response time as low as 7ms
  • Port sizes ranging from M5-2" in SMC solenoid valves

For more information about SMC please call us on 01 4614300 or email one of the sales team at or visit us at the trade counter on the Naas Road in Dublin.
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