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Modern Plant Ltd work together with Kemper to promote and high-light the many innovative products now available from the range with particular focus on the KHS solution in relation to water movement and anti-legionella control; Modern Plant Ltd are Kemper’s distribution partner for Ireland.

Kemper is a long standing German based company which designs, manufactures and supplies engineered products and solutions to ensure the save, efficient and economic movement of cold and hot water. The aim is to keep hot water hot, cold water cold plus  keep it moving along with accurate and timely monitoring and control – in this way infection is minimised and water is available at the correct temperature when and as required.

The widely assorted product range excels through the successful symbiosis comprising robust, corrosion-resistant plumbing valves and modern systems for building engineering. Especially in the drinking water hygiene sector, KEMPER, with its innovative solutions, convinces as a trailblazer. With unrivalled products such as the KEMPER Hygiene System KHS and thermal balance valves, the company supplies an innovative total solution for installing and maintaining the drinking water hygiene.

The Hygiene System KHS was developed to maintain the hygiene requirements demanded of drinking water installations. The system comprising innovative valve technology and intelligent pipe routing prevents stagnation and the consequential negative impairment of the drinking water quality. The KEMPER Hygiene System KHS guarantees that fresh drinking water can always be tapped at every tapping point.



Drinking water hygiene, economy, ecology in focus

Already back in the 19th century, Louis Pasteur said: "We drink 90% of our illnesses!"

And that makes it especially astounding that nowadays the maintenance of potable water hygiene in building installations is still often neglected. Compliance with drinking water hygiene can have immediate effects on our health. Even just considering health reasons, establishing intended use, e.g., through forced flow and selective water-replacement measures in the drinking water installation, is recommended.

KEMPER developed the KHS Hygiene System to enable compliance with the hygiene requirements in the drinking water installation. It is an innovative valve system to prevent stagnation and the consequential negative impairment of the drinking water quality. The KEMPER Hygiene System KHS guarantees that fresh drinking water can always be tapped at every tapping point.

This is how plumbing was installed up to now

Both in housing construction as well as in public buildings (hotels, hospitals, doctor's offices, etc.), the terminal T-adapter installation is executed in the cold drinking water (PWC) and hot drinking water (PWH) system. That results in stagnation areas in the branch lines. To replace the water body, in individual cases comprehensive and costly flushing measures are required.

Normal T-installation in the sanitary block.
Stagnation areas with high contamination risks arise when there are seldom-used tapping points.

The KHS solution:

Hygienically safe installation with KEMPER KHS Venturi flow splitter in combination with a ring installation. When using the dynamic flow splitter, multiple water exchanges in the ring line are achieved through the water movement in the branch line (no additional flushing equipment is needed in the ring).

1) - KHS Multi-Circ Distributor
Hygienically safe installation in the cold potable water installation using KEMPER KHS Multi-Circ Distributor units in combination with a ring installation. 


Ingeniously simple – simply dynamic
Small currents in the through-pass - much movement in the ring

With the KHS Venturi flow splitter -dynamic- another step towards stagnation prevention has been achieved. With an additional component in the Venturi nozzle, the dynamic flow splitter is capable of achieving a maximal flow of the connected rings even with the smallest volume rates in the distribution line / in the riser branch. As the Venturi nozzle at small volume flows is nearly closed, approx. 95% of the volume flow is conducted through the ring. If the opening pressure of the dynamic Venturi nozzle is not attained, the volume flow in the direction of transit can be continually increased, and the ring continues to be strongly flooded due to the Venturi effect. Through the described operating principle, the KHS Venturi flow splitter -dynamic- can be used in both the cold as well as in the hot water system with great efficiency.

The components being used simplify assembly in a plumbing stack or in an intermediate ceiling. Periodic maintenance of the components is not required.

Low flow rates in the distribution line / in the riser branch:
The dynamic venturi nozzle remains nearly completely closed - nearly the entire volume flow needed for supply is conducted through the ring. The opening pressure of the dynamic venturi nozzle is not attained. 

High volume flows in the distribution / riser branch:
The dynamic venturi nozzle opens when the opening pressure is reached - the major portion of the volumetric flow flows directly through the flow distributor in transit, during which partial volume flow is detoured into the ring due to the well-known venturi effect. 



KEMPER KHS Control Systems

KHS Mini Control System - for small and medium size buildings

The KEMPER KHS Mini Control System can selectively implement water changing measures to maintain the potable water hygiene in small and medium size building (e.g. schools, kindergartens, small plants, industry, department stores, holiday homes, etc.). The intelligent MASTER/SLAVE technology, three operating modes for every single water change group (motor-operated KHS isolating valve, low and temperature measurement fitting, overflow monitoring) can be individually configured.

The three operating modes

  • Time controlled water change
  • Temperature controlled water change
  • Pre-set water volumes

MASTER/SLAVE technology application

The sophisticated modular principle with the practical accessories facilitates solving complex requirements.

The MASTER/SLAVE technology

A single MASTER control box is the basic version of the KHS Mini Control System. This is used to control the water change measures at one point in a drinking water installation. The Mini Control System can be extended to a maximum of 1 Master box and 31 Slave boxes, which are connected in a row via CAN-BUS cable. 32 points with flushing valve, temperature and volume flow sensor and free drain with overflow sensor can be controlled with this system. All boxes can be configured over the screen and the buttons on the Master box. As an alternative, the configuration can be done with software on a notebook, which is connected to the Master box via USB cable. The data of all water change processes is stored in the Master box. The log file of all processes can be downloaded and saved as an excel file. The Mini Control System is a decentralized system where the control boxes are installed next to the point of water change. The wiring for the actuator and sensors is kept very short by this kind of installation. Only the CAN-BUS cable has to be installed between the single control boxes. In case of an error, a optical or visual alarm signal occurs and a transfer of the alarm signal to an existing BMS is possible by dry contact.

End of Line Flushing


The safe solution for drinking water distribution and circulation

KEMPER regulating valves reliably guarantee hydraulic balance in complex sanitation systems. Available completely in gunmetal or stainless steel, for surface or concealed installation, in diverse functional variants:

  • pre-adjustable and lockable
  • manual / static or automatic / thermal regulation
  • as combination valves for simple maintenance work

Look forward to it: When designing your next circulation system, for the first time the main problem is not having to deal with the various valves, thermometers and connectors and the assembly time they require. Instead, just utilise the MULTITHERM valve from KEMPER and spare the effort for the rest. The hygienist demands sterile hot water! The solution: KEMPER provides the proven and technically permanently further-developed range of regulating valves. Sure solutions for drinking water distribution and circulation. Proven, lasting value, robust operating principle - regulating valves from KEMPER provide permanent protection against hazard potentials which could arise in the hot water systems due to the material being used, the stagnation and due to the low temperature level.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Thermostatic-controlled regulation of the smallest volume flows
  • Stop and temperature monitoring in one head part
  • Optimised draining facility using rotatable drainage valve
  • Optionally available with electronic temperature sensor for building management systems
  • High-grade, in proven gunmetal quality, resistant to aggressive water
  • Stagnant-zone-free
  • DIN/DVGW-certificate as per W 554 + KTW certificate for plastic parts in contact with water
  • Nominal widths from DN 15 - DN 25
  • Pre-adjustable compliant with the Dendrit simulation

With DVGW certification

Finely regulate, stop, drain and monitor the temperature volume flow rate thermally controlled. At the same time, the MULTI-THERM valves from KEMPER does not only operate in the operating temperature range of 30 to 50 °C or 50 to 65 °C, but at temperatures  > 70 °C also automatically supports thermal disinfection. Developed in accordance with the DVGW worksheets W 551, W 553*. With DVGW-certification as per W 554* (* does not apply to the control range 30 - 50 °C)

Stop, measure, regulate

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