Jamesbury Butterfly Valves

Jamesbury high performance butterfly valves form part of the Metso Automation offerings and as such provide Modern Plant Ltd with the ability to provide best in class solutions to a wide range of heavy duty industrial applications all backed up with a local stock holding enabling next day delivery. Modern Plant Ltd are official distributors and stockist of the Jamesbury high performance butterfly valves and hold valves from DN80 3” through to DN300 12” in both carbon and stainless steel materials with a standard Xtreme®/PTFE seat. All the valves are available in either wafer or lugged pattern and can be actuated as required. Ring today to see if we can assist with your enquiry.

Automated on-off and tight shut-off rotary valves with network-ready capability - Jamesbury branded products are known for their long history of innovation and proven reliability. Industry breakthroughs include the flexible-lip, polymeric, and Xtreme® seating technologies which have dramatically extended the cycle life and the application range of our ball and butterfly valves. Choose Jamesbury when dependability is your key selection criteria.

Jamesbury products include, flanged ball valves, Value-Line® threaded ball valves, emission control valves, high-performance butterfly valves, special service valves, and ball and butterfly valve actuators and accessories.

Series 818 Butterfly Valves

Jamesbury High Performance Butterfly Valves Features
  • Valves have a double off-set design
  • Butterfly valves are either wafer or lugged
  • Valves are suitable for end of line service
  • ANSI Class 150, 300 and 600
  • All valves have Carbon or Stainless Steel construction
  • Additional features are manual, gearbox, actuation and control options

For more information about Jamesbury Butterfly Valves please call us on 01 4614300 or email one of the sales team at enquiries@modernplant.ie or visit us at the trade counter on the Naas Road in Dublin.
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