Modern Plant Ltd are official distributors for the full range of AMG Actuators and provide valve air actuation and indication solutions across multiple markets including Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Water and Waste Management, Power Industry, Food and Beverage and Oil and Gas industries. The requirements of our customers are met with innovative and user orientated solutions, each carefully tailored to suit the specific needs of our customer. AMG specialise in quarter turn rack and pinion actuators with many available from stock held locally in Modern Plant. Please call us today with any valve actuation enquires.

Actuators play a huge part in the process automation industry; moving, controlling, opening and closing a wide variety of valves and dampers around the world. These valves and dampers are used in numerous applications, carrying a huge range of mediums and fluids.

Many of the actuators utilised in industry today are powered using air of varying pressures. Here we cover these pneumatic actuators in the following ranges:

  • High Quality Rack and Pinion - suitable for small to medium valves
  • High Power Scotch Yoke - suitable for medium to large valves
  • Bespoke Solutions

Pneumatic Actuators tend to come in two forms, Double Acting (DA) and Spring Return (SR). Double Acting actuators utilise the available air supply to operate both the opening and closing stroke of the actuator whilst Spring Return actuators utilise the air supply initially and then rely on ‘spring loaded’ pistons to operate the return stroke.

Often perceived to be more robust than other types of actuator, particularly electric actuators, pneumatic actuators are often chosen for their longevity and adaptability to a number of environments and applications. 

Our product range is the result of systematic and progressive research, consistent development and state-of-the art production methods. Independent tests carried out regularly in the national and international chemical industry confirm AMG actuators' first-rate quality time and again.
We aim to cater for a wide range of needs in the field of Process Automation in addition, through a synergy of our traditional products and the latest RFID technology we are able to offer our customers a new dimension in terms of automation solution.

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Forming the core of the AMG Pneumatic Quarter turn products is our range of High Quality Rack & Pinion actuators. These actuators are high quality in their production, manufacture and design. With forty years experience and expertise in the field of actuation, AMG are able to offer one of the best performing, highest quality actuators available on the market today.

The product is a highly reliable, long lasting, high performance pneumatic actuator that is well suited to the current requirements of the process and fluid management industries. Its compliance with a host of different standards ensure that it is adaptable and fully interchangeable with a large variety of actuator and valve ancillary products. The models within the range come in two types, the first being Spring Return (SAF) and the second being Double Acting (SAD).

Some key features of our high quality actuators include:

  • Solid Stainless steel piston guide rods.
  • Stainless Steel Pinion Shaft.
  • Balanced dual Aluminium alloy pistons allow for less weight and elimination of side loads on shaft and housing.
  • Anti Blow Out design for drive pinion.
  • Maintenance free unit – lubricated for life.
  • Each and every dynamic O-Ring is supported by a bearing.
  • All bearings are high grade and low wear.
  • Capable of operating with air pressure up to a maximum of 10 Bar (145 PSI).
  • Can also be operated using any non-aggressive gaseous medium, hydraulic oil or even water (on request).
  • Salt Spray tested to 50021.
  • Top works interfaces to VDI/VDE 3845 (with VDI/VDE 3847-2 available).
  • Base interface to ISO 5211 and DIN 3337.
  • Air port mountings to NAMUR standard.
  • Encapsulated, captive springs in end caps (SAF models only), which are Delta Tone treated to protect against corrosion and maintaining spring characteristics.
  • Multi Spring design allows for varying torque characteristics with each actuator and also protects in the event of a single spring failure.
  • Stainless steel end cap bolts used, ensuring a higher level of corrosion resistance.
  • Anodized interior and exterior for added resistance to both corrosion and wear; exterior also has static reducing gliss finish.
  • Dual F0 mounting pattern on base for added flexibility.
  • Certified to ATEX 100a.
  • Certified to SIL 3.
  • Each Actuator is factory tested.
  • Adaptable to other Quarter Turn applications, such a dampers.
For more information about AMG please call us on 01 4614300 or email one of the sales team at or visit us at the trade counter on the Naas Road in Dublin.
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