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Safety Shower Solutions in the Medtech & Pharma sectors – Regulatory Compliance & Best Practice

We will discuss the relevant standard for safety shower and eyewash stations, EN15154, which covers availability, installation, operation, performance, maintenance, and testing and ANSI Z358, as many MNC operations, must have compliance with the US ANSI Z358 standard is a corporate and regulatory requirement. These standards define the ‘minimum acceptable’ to meet regulation. At the same time, this may still have significant deficiencies in the context of best practice or duty of care. Much of the required investment in H&S is predicated on the ‘just in case’ and ‘hopefully never needed’ principle. However, if and when needed, it must perform as required. Failure to perform when required may not only be the more costly consequence of underinvestment in this equipment but could also prove fatal. We will discuss the optimum solutions to mitigate the risk of harm.