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ESH Trace Heating Products

Modern Plant Ltd are stockists for the ESH VC range of constant wattage electric trace heating tape, along with the various ancillaries, thermostats, controllers, termination kits and joints etc. Plus we can advise and supply across a wide range of additional products and heating applications; please contact the sales team today to discuss your requirements.

All ESH trace heating and heat trace products are manufactured to current British and European Standards (BSEN) and our Quality Management System is approved to ISO 9001. ESH’s capabilities include:

  • Design and manufacture of trace heating systems for pipework, tanks and vessels, in both non-hazardous and hazardous area operations.
  • Manufacture and supply of trace heating tape, thermostats and temperature control units, termination kits, junction boxes and installation ancillaries.
  • Full design and manufacture of custom made trace heating systems to suit customer specific application requirements, utilising – trace heating cable, flexible heating jackets, heating mats, heating pads, mineral insulated cable and heated hose products.
  • Trace heating products for frost protection of pipelines and vessels including sprinkler systems
  • Hot water temperature maintenance
  • Hazardous area trace heating
  • High and very high temperature heating tapes
  • Heating cables and tapes for use in the refrigeration industry
  • Underfloor heating mats, cable and thermostats
  • Road, stair & ramp heating to prevent settlement of snow and formation of ice
  • Self regulating trace heating tapes
  • Custom made insulated and non-insulated heating jackets, mats, panels and hoses
  • Systems for drum and IBC heating

Type 'VCB' tape is our most commonly used constant wattage heating tape and is designed for frost protection and temperature maintenance of commercial and industrial pipework and vessels.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to install 
  • Available in various wattages
  • 240V and 110V available 
  • High temp withstand (200°C) 
  • Cable size with over jacket 6.5mm x 11.5mm
  • 1m heating zones


Type VC Parallel circuit heating tape is designed to be cut from reel lengths and site terminated to suit pipework. The heating tape consists of a number of short heating zones, each connected across a pair of continuous bus-wire conductors. Each complete heating zone will give its full rated design output with circuit voltage applied to the bus-wire conductors. Suitable for internal and external Freeze protection and temperature maintenance, hot water lines, oil and chemical lines, sprinkler system mains and supply piping (as listed in Clause 1 BS EN 62395).

CONSTRUCTION: The heating tape has a core comprising two bus-wire conductors contained within an extruded silicone rubber sheath. The sheath is notched on alternate sides at predetermined intervals to expose a short section of bus-wire conductor. Nichrome resistance wire is wrapped at regular spacing around the core as a continuous conductor, making contact with the bus-wires at the exposed points. After completion of the heater conductor wrapping, a high temperature soldered joint is made at each contact point ensuring that a number of conductor strands are securely bonded to the bus-wires. An extruded outer sheath of silicone rubber is then placed over the core and heater element. Finally, an earth braid and silicone rubber sheathing over-jacket is added to complete the heater tape assembly.

A variety of thermostat controllers are available to cater for the various duties and outputs required.

For more information about ESH Trace Heating Products please call us on 01 4614300 or email one of the sales team at or visit us at the trade counter on the Naas Road in Dublin.
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